Grayform Architecture practices a collaborative, process-driven approach to design capable of organizing complex forms, programs, and building systems into an innovative and enduring architectural expression.

Advances in production methods, building system technology, and sustainability initiatives give architects access to continuous streams of information, while advances in modeling software allow this information to be incorporated into a project more quickly than ever before. We believe that the architect must form and manage a design team with the technical knowledge needed to operate in this environment, the responsibility to productively engage with regulatory agencies, and the vision to organize complexity into a coherent architectural form.

We believe that a successful project depends on development of shared goals and visions between our firm and our clients. Our commitment to process removes any reliance on preconceived formal ideas and enables us to explore and develop innovative architectural expressions.

The foundation of this development is effective communication and collaboration between Grayform Architecture, our clients, and our consultants. We engage in an extensive dialogue early in the design process to generate a narrative for the project, identify unique architectural opportunities and constraints, and educate our team and our clients about building systems and construction techniques. These discussions establish a shared vision that will guide the design process.

We work closely with specialized consultants from an early stage to discover and incorporate innovative building systems and materials as a means to capitalize on a project’s opportunities and exploit its constraints.

In addition to these building system consultants, our desire to maximize the advantages of our integrated project delivery software has led Grayform Architecture to partner with a BIM support firm. This collaboration enables our firm to provide advanced architectural visualization and smooth the transition from design to the construction process.